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Did the scientist find that it could eat plastic bags?

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According to reports, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) scientist Federica Bertocchini first discovered the ability of the nest to eat plastic bags.
She said: I put those insects in plastic bags tied, they put into a room. And then continue to clean the hive.
So I finished the finished room, but found that insects are everywhere to climb. Later, I found that the bags of insects are full of holes. In this regard, there is only one explanation: these insects bite the plastic bag, fled out. This research project was immediately established. "
Scientists have found the ability of the nest to eat plastic bags.
In a paper published in the journal Contemporary Biology, Bertocchini and colleagues showed 100 walnuts bite the bags of polyethylene in 40 minutes. 12 hours later, that plastic bag has been dilapidated.
In order to confirm that the nest is not just chewing plastic bags, but really able to digest plastic bags, the researchers will be some nests into a paste, the plastic bags with them together. After 14 hours, nearly 13% of the area of ​​plastic bags disappeared.
The above experiments show that in the digestive system of the nest, there is a compound that can indeed digest the plastic bag. The researchers also scanned the excrement of the nest after eating the bag, in which the main ingredient of the ethylene glycol-antifreeze was found, and it was proved that the polyethylene was degraded.
The nests do not eat plastic, and the researchers speculate that their ability is a by-product of natural habits. The wax borer will produce the eggs in the honeycomb. The nests are hatching and growing in the beeswax, while the beeswax contains a variety of different lipid mixtures. Researchers say the molecular details of the biodegradability of the nests need further investigation, but it is likely that they need to break similar chemical bonds when absorbing beeswax and polyethylene.
Researchers said the project is currently being planned for the application of conversion, used to deal with plastic waste, and strive to solve the accumulation of plastic brought a series of problems.
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