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Introduce bone bags and the glue bag is?

Author:yltpacking    Time:17/06/07    Click:
In our daily life, for the use of all kinds of plastic bags is frequent and diverse, production and sales, in all walks of life for the packaging of goods is, even without the use of plastic bags, plastic bags are not only provides a convenient, but also can rise to beautify, help promotion effect, one of the most commonly used is the "bone bag and the glue bag.
Bone bag is mainly composed of PE raw materials production, after special film extrusion blow up forming.Used for special product packaging is used, which has good transparency and gas seal performance is good, easy to clip chain consistence, kaifeng, can be repeated use of deformation, a graphic printing clear, bright color, etc.
As self-adhesive bags mainly use OPP material production, of course, also useful PP and PE.OPP adhesive bag, transparent bright, can do multicolor printing, elegant appearance, environmental protection material.
Look from the exterior, PE bone bag is translucent, OPP adhesive bag is very transparent, feel is not the same, PE bone bag is soft, resilient, it feels a bit acerbity acerbity feeling, OPP adhesive bag more crisp, very smooth.
Purposes, PE bone bag to ordinary product packaging, such as electrical appliances, toys, handicrafts and so on, it is mainly good toughness, not easy tear, can be recycled;OPP adhesive bag packaging for apparel, more small paper or card printing packaging, this kind of bag is mainly good transparency.Good toughness and PE can heat sealing, but is a bit poor transparency;OPP adhesive bag toughness is general, can not heat sealing, so have glue to stick on each bag, but has good transparency.
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