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How to decide how much custom plastic bag price is? (2)

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 How to decide how much custom plastic bag price is? (2)
4, plastic bags with material thickness
Thickness is also a key factor in determining the price of plastic bags, where there is a plastic industry dedicated unit "silk", a trace is equal to 0.01 cm, of course, the same size and size, and the price is proportional to, but "silk" is a professional unit, Often the customer in the consultation process rarely know the use of "silk" to measure the thickness, and the plastic bag itself is very thin, the customer can not be measured by a special tool, can only give a rough use, manufacturers can use according to use To determine the need for the thickness of the wire.
5, plastic bags printed patterns
Patterns can be expressed as 'monochrome single-sided printing', 'monochrome double-sided printing', 'two-color single-sided printing' 'two-color double-sided printing' and printing colors. Monochrome printing need to do a version, two-color printing need to do two versions. And printing ink used in different prices are different, some patterns need special color or special ink its price is high, which requires manufacturers and customers in the communication in detail, and will not cause future differences.
6, the number of custom plastic bags
Different style specifications, from the MOQ is different. Some customers will say: you give a newspaper price, I see the price and then determine the number of custom - this will make plastic bag factory customer service is very difficult. Customer service asked the number of customized there are two reasons, one, ordering plastic bags related to "MOQ" problem. A thousand bags and ten thousand bags produced, the debugging machine wasted almost as much raw material. Orders less than the amount of money from the order will be very astonishing, plastic bag pricing will be ridiculously high, you will not accept. Second, the production of plastic bags manufacturers are generally customized according to user requirements, rather than produce one or several specifications of products placed in the warehouse, waiting for the wholesale model.

The price factor for plastic bags is determined by the combination of these factors. Our company has now become a set design, production and sales as one of the professional plastic packaging products integrated enterprise. Factory production of plastic bags are in accordance with strict standards to standardize the operation.
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