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Custom rice vacuum bag advantage

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The use of rice bags is essential, it not only played a very good role in the protection of rice, to prevent it in the handling and storage process appears to leak the situation, and it is also a propaganda of rice manufacturers, Because now the rice packaging bags will be printed above the manufacturer's name, address and contact information. Different manufacturers of rice from the outside of the door can be easily distinguished.

   In the past, rice is basically used in ordinary bags, and the bag is leaky, can only ensure that rice will not spill from the bag inside, this package is more suitable for ordinary rice processing workshop packaging, not Will involve long distance transport, only to the nearby residents to provide rice. With the emergence of large-scale production and processing of rice, the previous packaging has been no longer meet the needs, because this way of packaging in the rice during storage is very easy to insects.

Custom rice vacuum bag advantage

   Now we see the rice is basically a large vacuum bag packaging state, the basic shape is the rice packed in a vacuum bag inside, and the inside of the air to extract clean, making the rice showed massive, the use of this vacuum bag not only improved Rice grades, so that it can have a good selling price, but also blocked the air of microorganisms on the destruction of rice, rice during storage will not appear insect moldy phenomenon.

   So rice manufacturers will now recommend rice manufacturers use large vacuum bags, and now their main product varieties are basically around the brick vacuum bag to develop and develop the design. In the future development of the road, in the style above will be more abundant.

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