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What are common types of high temperature cooking bags?

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What are common types of high temperature cooking bags?
High temperature cooking bags is the high-end product in flexible packaging, why say high, there are two factors, one is the high profits, profit of each bag is the same specification normal bag several times: the other is a high risk, because the color change, peel strength decrease, detonation bag caused a lot of problems, such as light person lead to downstream manufacturers to return lost orders, the person that weigh to compensate the contents of a downstream products stored in a large cost.Here are the retort pouch manufacturer to introduce you to the three common retort pouch bag type:
A transparent, transparent ordinary ordinary cooking bags, because can see the content, so been adopted by most of the food processing plants. In particular, pickled vegetables, rice and other packaging, and sales of the burger Patty at low temperatures, mostly using this type of packaging material. These transparent ordinary packaging materials, its outer use nylon or polyester film, the inner layer is polypropylene, polyethylene and polyolefin film.
Second, transparent isolation type high protein and fat content of processed meat and fish processed products sterilization, require the use of transparent isolation type packaging materials. The packaging material of high barrier property between the two polyvinylidene chloride. High barrier property of thin film by co-extrusion composite polyvinylidene chloride as an intermediary.
Three, most of the aluminum foil isolation type soft canned is curry, stew. Senior food, meat and cooked food in the food packaging materials, aluminum foil is to prevent the aroma releasing, base material with shading sex. Making this kind of bag, printed polyester film and aluminum foil in the first place dry compound, and then and polyethylene or polypropylene film composite.
Introduces common three kind of retort pouch bag type to circulate on the market of ordinary cooking bags mainly have transparent, transparent isolation type, aluminum foil isolation type three, these 3 kinds of bag type is mainly based on the requirement for packing food is selected,
In short, in order to responsible for the general consumer, and at the same time in order to enterprise's own development and progress, we will introduce in detail to each customer the different types of bags, let customers have a detailed understanding.The main products are: plastic packaging bags, food bags, vacuum bags, color bags, high temperature cooking bags, water bag, aluminium foil compound bag, aluminium bag, bag, suction nozzle bag and all kinds of Yin and Yang of food packaging film, etc., variety complete, high quality and low price.
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