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What are the benefits of making food bags with kraft paper bags?

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Do you ever use high-temperature cooked food in plastic bags? Do you care about ink printing on food bags? In fact, food packaging is as important as food quality. Packaging is the food "coat", once it has problems, food safety will also be threatened.

McDonald's Chinese companies from 2006, gradually in all stores to implement a kind of insulation performance kraft paper bag to hold take-away food to replace the use of plastic food bags. This initiative has also been a positive response from other businesses, such as Nike, Adidas and other original large consumer bags of plastic bags, have begun to use high-quality kraft paper bags to replace the plastic shopping bags. However, with the "anti-plastic" style of the global prevalence of environmentalists who began to look to the ancient kraft paper bags.

Kraft paper bag

Kraft paper bags non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is currently the most popular international environmental packaging materials. With kraft paper production kraft paper bags are more and more widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores and so on shopping, generally there will be kraft paper bag supply, to facilitate customers to bring the purchase of goods. Kraft paper bag is an environmentally friendly bag, its variety.

Kraft paper bag is based on all wood pulp paper as the base material, the color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper, can be used on paper paper PP layer of film, from the waterproof, bag strength can be made according to customer requirements one to six , Printing and bag integration. The opening and back cover is divided into heat seal, paper seal and bottom of the lake. As we all know, paper is a recyclable resource. Paper raw materials are mainly plant fiber, raw materials in addition to containing cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin three main components, there are other less content of the components, such as resin, ash and so on. In addition to sodium sulfate and other auxiliary ingredients. In addition to plant fiber paper, but also need to add different materials according to different filler. Commonly used plastic bags made of polyethylene are used as raw materials for oil, and oil is already our shortage of energy. In contrast, the production of raw materials for paper bags is trees, is a renewable resource. Itself has a biodegradable, recyclable features naturally affixed with a green label.

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