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Packaging bags of color matching essentials(1)

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Customize the color of the bag is the most influential factor in the visual impact, so the color design of the bag is very important.
1. to determine the total tone: the overall feeling of the bag color is gorgeous or simple, are dependent on the total color of the packaging color. The total color directly based on hue, brightness, purity of a basic color to a specific manifestation of the color. Such as tone, dark, fresh tone, gray tone, cold, stressed, weak tone, soft training, hard tune, re-tune and so on.
2. Area factors: In addition to hue, brightness, purity, the color area size is a direct impact on the important factors of the color of the bag. Color with the first to consider a large area of ​​color arrangement, a large area of ​​color in the packaging display with long-range visual effects. In addition, when the two colors are too strong, you can not change the hue, purity, brightness, and expand or reduce the area of ​​a color to reconcile.
3. Line of sight clarity: speak color level of clarity. Good visibility in the packaging, advertising and other visual communication design is very important. Line of sight on the one hand to see the color of the eye-catching degree, on the other hand depends on the contrast between the color relationship. Its principles and methods in the advertising design also made a detailed introduction, can refer to its content, used for packaging and decorating the color design.
4. emphasis on color: emphasis on the color is the main color in the focus of color, is the area factor and visualization combined with the use of color. The general requirements of the brightness and the rule is higher than the surrounding color, the area will be less than the surrounding color, or not play a role in emphasizing.
5. Interval color: Interval color is used in the adjacent and was strongly contrasting the middle of the different colors with another color, such as the interval or for sharing, can strengthen the coordination, weaken the contrast. Interval color itself to partial neutral black, white, gray, gold, silver-based. If there is a color interval, the need for color separation and separation of color in the hue, brightness, purity are quite different.

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