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What is the principle of plastic bag printing?

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Many companies will customize the exclusive plastic bags, plastic bags in the production process is one of the very important steps. In the whole process of printing, we must adhere to the two aspects of the principle, so that it can really ensure the smooth completion of the printing work. In the end when we print, need to select the two principles are what?

On the one hand, plastic bag printing to keep clear and shiny. Some manufacturers in the printing process, the improper deployment of ink will lead to the pattern is not clear enough, it is easy for future use of the impact. Throughout the printing process, the real clear is very critical, once we ignore this situation, then it is difficult to play the role of publicity.
On that side, when the plastic bag printing to protect the fade. Some places may be printing technology, but after their printing, there has been a very serious fade, so that the use of people is very unfavorable. Targeted to do a good job of understanding and understanding, and better use, so that you can really protect the future use of the results. Some products in the use of the time when the fade of the situation, so that people use the experience is very unfavorable.
So, when printing in plastic bags, we must ensure that the pattern is clear, and there will be no color problems. When we can from these two aspects are comprehensive protection, the future in the use of the process to be able to harvest better results. Some people may not have a good understanding of the situation, so after the plastic bag printing found only a variety of problems, this not only caused a huge waste, but also for us will cause a variety of problems.
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