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Shenzhen selectiving examination results of quality plastic shopping bags product problems

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 China quality news network news in 2011, shenzhen market supervision and administration organization of shenzhen products production and sales of plastic shopping bags to carry out the supervision and spot checks.

The selective examination on the basis of the plastic shopping bags of environmental protection, safety, and identify common technical requirements "(GB 21660-2008)," plastic shopping bag "(GB/T21661-2008), and other national standards and the current effective enterprise standard and express quality index and requirements, mandatory project identification, thickness of the sample test, selectived examination in the city's 21 companies, production and sales of 35 batches of 20 batches of all inspection. In order to promote the implementation of the national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, promote recycling plastic shopping bags, the spot also to size deviation, sensory, hanging test, drop test, water leakage, sealing, falling dart impact strength etc. The state shall encourage the voluntary projects is used for inspection. The spot checks found unqualified project is mainly thickness, size deviation, falling dart impact and identification, etc. Specific conditions as follows:


One is the thickness and the unqualified item size deviation. Thickness is an important characteristic index, plastic shopping bag is too thin, shopping bags are easily broken, cannot be recycled. National mandatory standard plastic shopping bags of environmental protection, safety, and identify common technical requirements "(GB 21660-2008) plastic bags shall be not less than 0.025 mm thick. The thickness of the thickness of the unqualified products tend to limit thickness deviation and the average deviation is unqualified; Width deviation, deviation of length is not in conformity with the cannot really reflect the size of the products, will bring inconvenience for consumers to use.


Second, the unqualified item identification. Shopping bags identified as a mandatory clause, in addition to regular statement need mark of environmental protection, safety statement, special requirements specification indexes such as thickness, width, and the nominal bearing, standard number, name of shopping bags, manufacturers, etc. Reflects the basic attributes of products, is the important basis of consumer choose and buy products, the project unqualified causes consumers to buy the right product or can't understand the matters that should be paid attention to when using.


3 it is unqualified item falling dart impact. This is a voluntary program. Falling dart impact test is reflect the extent of the impact resistance of plastic bags. The project unqualified lead to shopping bags from external shocks, it's easy to burst influence the durability of the products.


For major quality problems found in production field supervision and spot check, the agency has been in accordance with the provisions of the "product quality law" and other relevant laws and regulations, the quality of in selectiving examination unqualified production enterprise for processing, in accordance with the law and rectification within a time limit; If the circumstances are serious, be investigated in accordance with the law. B. enterprises should immediately stop producing unqualified products, and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations require to take effective measures to properly handle has produced products.


Aimed at the quality problems found in the circulation field quality monitoring, the agency has taken active measures, to carry out specific actions throughout the city, there will be more clear the quality problems of unqualified goods market and in accordance with the law to deal with business units. Judged to be unqualified goods for the monitoring, monitored person shall immediately stop selling, and take effective measures to inform consumers.

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