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How to produce high transparent PE film?

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 How to produce high transparent PE film?
    According to the current type of equipment, to produce high transparent PE film, can be used casting equipment and blowing water blowing film blowing equipment. How to use the blowing equipment blowing transparent PE film? Of course, first with the internal cooling of the blown film equipment, cooling with cooling water. While other factors include:
(A) raw material factors
(B) LDPE has a higher degree of transparency than LLDPE; (c) raw material manufacturers are developing new PE; (b) LDPE has a higher transparency than LLDPE; (c) raw material manufacturers are developing PE new Variety, with higher transparency.
(B) Ingredients: US UCC has published the following study, LLDPE83% + LDPE 17% of the ratio, PE film shows the highest transparency. In order to further improve the film tension, improve the film feel, so that the film has a good stiffness and smoothness, you can use MI = 1 high tension LLDPE, with the use of high-tech technology additives, not only to improve melt flow, So that the film in the transparency, smoothness, brightness, tension, stiffness, feel the smoothness, the total decline in crystal points, and many other technical performance is improved.
(2) auxiliaries
PE raw materials contain the necessary additives. Such as antioxidants, neutralizing agents for catalysts, lubricants, openings, and the like. Most of the PE feedstock contains zinc stearate. But the content is quite different. As a neutralizing agent for the catalyst used in the PE synthesis, zinc stearate is a necessary additive for PE. On the other hand, there are many PE manufacturers in order to find PE in the processing of a high degree of lubrication, and the PE film after processing have a better opening, often zinc stearate as a lubricant and opening agent. Under the microscope, zinc stearate was white mist. This is the human eye can see directly. It is another important factor in reducing the transparency of PE films.
Therefore, to produce high transparency of the PE film, the choice of non-open agent or a small amount of inclusions with the PE material, plus ultra-transparent transparent smooth slippery masterbatch to ensure that the opening performance at the same time, get high transparent film.
(3) film surface smoothness factor
Many people do not realize that the smoothness of the film surface on the impact of transparency, a smooth surface of the film, as a Wang Pingjing the lake, clear and transparent; and uneven surface, will lead to scattered light around, affecting film transparency. Through the use of high-tech lubricating auxiliaries (process auxiliaries) can greatly improve the film surface smoothness, reduce snake striae, crystal point, microcrystalline point, the film surface to eliminate small bumps or water ripples, the film transparency has been significantly improved The
Through the analysis of the above factors, to produce high transparent PE film, in addition to good production equipment, raw materials, additives is a very important part.
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