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What is the re-understanding of custom plastic bags?

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 Passing the supermarket to the way to buy something, but found no with bags, how would you do? I would rather want to buy the items to minimize the reduction, and then holding in his arms to take home, do not want to buy plastic bags - no it, is to use plastic bags will have a kind of "political incorrect" guilty conscience.
    In the ideology that we have instilled, the harm of the plastic bags to the environment is so hard: the consumption of crude oil, so that the marine life suffocation, plug the drains, in the picturesque place left the eye shadow... sad reminder is that they Actually take 1000 years to be degraded!
    Unexpectedly, there were two highly respected opinion leaders who jumped out for the plastic bags. They are Tony Ryan, a professor at the University of Sheffield in the UK, and Helen Storey, a professor at the London Fashion Institute, who has been working as an innovator in the field of fashion and technology, who have been working closely with the project for the past decade.
    Ryan said that because of the continuous development of new technologies for the manufacture of biodegradable plastics, many remarks against plastic bags now need to be re-tested. For example, the data show that the energy needed to make plastic bags is 40% less than that of paper bags, and the resulting solid waste is 80% less than paper bags. Similarly, a canvas bag needs to be reused for 171 times in order to return the energy and resources it uses in the manufacturing process.

    Storey believes that from a scientific point of view, plastic bags are actually more environmentally friendly than many fashionable bags, especially if they are discarded before being reused. She stressed: "In fact, not the plastic bag itself is not friendly to the environment, but 'each plastic bag only use once' attitude.
    Ryan and Storey are advocating people with new eyes to re-examine the plastic bags, but also with the famous leather designer Bill Amberg to explore a more environmentally friendly alternative. By this concept, Bill Amberg conducted a series of innovative design, which is characterized by the combination of leather elements and plastic materials, plastic bags also printed "I use less than 99% of environmentally friendly bags of energy" eye-catching words The
    Bill Amberg elaborates on his design philosophy: "I chose to add a leather handle to the plastic bag, so it will be familiar with the characteristics of the handbag. Leather provides a 'long-term use' psychological expectations, which we are in In the face of disposable plastic bags, so that by combining luxury materials with cheap plastic bags, it helps to raise questions about why and why we use plastic bags.
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