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What is rounding the mask bag?

Author:yltpacking    Time:17/06/01    Click:
With the increasing living standards of people now, people began to maintain their skin care needs also become high, now the mask to become a daily necessities of daily necessities of life products. And how many people understand the mask bags, mask the role of the bag and those who do it? What are the varieties of mask bags?
Now the market often see a variety of mask bags, open the mask of the bag can be seen inside a reflective layer of material, this material is aluminum foil, aluminum foil is a box of essential packaging material is also a The only material that can be attached to the mask.
What are the appearance of the bag with the mask?
Common is the square of the square may be. That is our professional terms: three sides of the seal, as the name suggests three sides of the closure is the time when the factory is sealed, leaving a mouth in the mask after the customer into their own seal.
Mask bags?
For the variety of mask bags. Because the mask of the particularity, must be dark, and the seal is certainly better, so as a mask bag can only use aluminum foil bags to produce. Because of different manufacturers, and therefore need to be printed on the mask and the product related to the introduction of the company and the relevant information, then you need to order a bag to be able to.
What is the advantage of the mask bag?
First, improve and improve the plastic recycling technology, the plastic packaging materials recycling rate increased significantly to improve and remove plastic packaging materials caused by "white pollution" hidden dangers, improve resource utilization.
Second, the development of bio-based plastic, effective regulation of biological plastic degradation time and cycle, in full play the role of bio-plastic packaging materials at the same time, reduce and remove the plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment pollution and impact.
Third, through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the plastic packaging of new materials, new technology costs, to prevent the cost is too high, many green packaging of plastic materials can not be a large area of ​​application problems.
Fourth, the development of intelligent and other advanced packaging technology means, the use of some plastic packaging materials with edible, water soluble and other characteristics, reduce the amount of waste generated packaging to improve the safety and environmental protection of plastic packaging performance.
Fifth, innovative and research and development of new plastic materials and new processing technology, so that more excellent performance of plastic packaging materials, and the use of new materials, high performance, to achieve the reduction of packaging materials.
Six is ​​to promote the plastic blending technology, plastic additives and application of new technology to improve and develop, in the protection of plastic packaging materials, non-toxic, health, environmental protection under the premise of the use of low-cost technology to enhance the performance of plastic packaging materials, Supply possible.
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