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How can self-styled bags be used in life?

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 How can self-styled bags be used in life?
Zifeng bag is a common plastic flexible packaging products in life, it is widely used in our daily life, to give people a very large convenience, Shanghai Le billion as a self-styled bag manufacturers to come here to talk about the self-styled bag In life how we are used.
Vegetables and fruits are organic foods that contain water-soluble nutrients and enzymes. During the storage of the self-contained bag, a strong breathing activity was still carried out.
Storage time to pay attention to what time:
In the case of aerobic conditions, fruits and vegetables in the sugar or other organic substances oxidative decomposition, resulting in carbon dioxide and water, and release a lot of debris; in the absence of the conditions, the sugar can not be oxidized, can only produce alcohol, carbon dioxide, And release a small amount of heat. To put fruits and vegetables in the self-contained bag storage, every two days to open the mouth of the self-styled bag, release carbon dioxide and heat, then the mouth tie, this will reduce the occurrence of rotten deterioration. Carbon dioxide concentration can not rise indefinitely, can only increase by 10%. Oxygen concentration can not be reduced by more than 5%, due to hypoxic breathing alcohol in the sparse, will cause fruit rot rotten deterioration, so the fruits and vegetables from the sealed bag storage time should not be too long.
Of course, with self-styled bag storage of food, not only to pay attention to the above points, the quality of self-styled bag is also very critical, the production process in strict accordance with international standards, and the use of biodegradable packaging materials care environment.
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