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What is a vacuum bag and how to use it?

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Vacuum bag is to make the packaging of goods in a vacuum situation, the most common is the vacuum packaging of food, so that the packaging of the goods can be preserved, shelf life can also be extended, then all the way to see the meaning of the vacuum bag and use Vacuum bag detail.

Vacuum bags there are many divided, different materials constitute a vacuum bag with different results, such as aluminum foil vacuum bag with high barrier properties, cooking vacuum bags have high temperature characteristics. Vacuum bag its material is usually PET / AL / CPE or PET / NY / AL / CPE. PET - good results, NY - low oxygen permeability, AL - strong barrier, opaque, CPE- - Inner layer of packaging. Glue: Water-soluble glue (more hygienic, environmentally friendly, solvent-free residue) This product has excellent anti-static, oxygen, shielding, moisture, shading and excellent heat sealing.

vacuum bag

Use of vacuum bags
1. bags in the inflatable before and after the meticulous, do not let sharp things scratched mobile phone website development, the best operation in bed or on a clean desktop, if the storage items in the buttons, zippers and other hard objects, please fold in Inside, and then into the collection bag. In the cabinet or other places to store, but also to detail the storage location there is no sharp thing to ensure that the bag is complete.

2. clothes, quilts and other items should be placed in the bag inside the brand planning, at least from the closure zipper 3-5 cm, large items do not force into.

3. To ensure that the closure of the zipper part of the clean, if fiber, dust into, will reduce the sealing performance, it is recommended to wipe clean with water gauze and then close the zipper. After closing the zipper, use the hand to hold the vane to reciprocate several times at the seal to ensure that the two ribs of the seal are fully engaged in the groove to ensure the sealing result.

4. Use the pump when the pump screw screw to the end of the screw, against the suction port of the white rubber gasket to ensure that the interface does not leak, as usual a large bag necessary pumping 3 to 5 minutes, Three, five hundred will have a clear draw under the signs. When using the pump to be careful to continue pumping, it is best not to stay. Home with a vacuum cleaner on the best, that is, effort and convenience.

5. After pumping, please check the seal again to ensure that the seal.
Vacuum bags are one of the most widely used bags, according to different materials can produce different sex bags, with the scientific improvement, the production of new packaging materials, vacuum bags will also be more widely used.

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